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‘“Death of an Infant: Disclosures as to Cottage Accommodation’: Coroners’ Inquests and the Study of Victorian Domestic Practice’, Home Cultures 11.3 (2014), 305-331.

‘Accommodating the Lodger: The Domestic Arrangements of Lodgers in Working-Class Dwellings in a Victorian Provincial Town’, Journal of Victorian Culture 19.3 (2014), 314-331

‘Absent Fireguards and Burnt Children: Coroners and The Development Of Clause 15 Of The Children Act 1908’,  Law, Crime And History 2 (2012), 21-58.


‘Dangerous Spaces: Working-Class Homes and Fatal Household Accidents in Suffolk, 1840-1900’, unpublished PhD thesis, University of Essex, 2012.

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 The Lodger in the Bedroom – JVC online




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